The Flag Hoisting Ceremony was held in the morning of the 4th of February 2016 at the Chancery premises with Hon. Rauff Hakeem as the guest of honour.  The Sri Lankan flag was unfurled by  H.E the Ambassador amidst of  the  auspicious beating of  MagulBera which was followed by the lighting of traditional oil lamp with  Jayamangalagatha being played in the background.

Subsequent to the viewing of audio-clip of the  National Day speech by His Excellency the President , the Ambassador welcoming the guests  reiterated on the  significance of the national unity and the importance showed by the government towards sustainable peace and reconciliation by playing the National Anthem in both official languages  at the official ceremony held.

The guests were treated to  an array of Sri Lankan traditional sweetmeats  representing culinary traditions of all three main communities; Sinhala , Tamil and Muslim.