This year, the Embassy decided to make the customary Ramadan donation for some of the survivors on the Earthquake who have arrived in Ankara.

The devastating earthquakes on 6th February followed by over 6,000 after shocks and flooding that occurred in in south eastern part of Turkiye, resulted in destroying over 50,000 lives and infrastructure spread in 10 provinces with over 110,000 sqm area.

According to offıcial estimate over 300,000 have migrated to Ankara, with most living in with relatives, friends and in dormitories.

Accordingly, Embassy chose such people living in Alacaatlı Neighborhood of Cankaya District of the Ankara Province. The support for this group is extended by the local Neighborhood Muhtar. A Muhtar is the elected village head in villages, while in cities, likewise, each Neighbourhood has a Muhtar but with a slightly different status. Muhtars and their village councils are elected during local elections for five(05) years. However, political parties are not permitted to nominate candidates for these posts.

The head of Muhtar, Ms. Hülya Erdoğan of Alacaatlı Neighborhood and her all-female volunteer team invited a group of survivors to gather at their office to receive the donation, recently.  

The Embassy staff, Sri Lankan community members present and of course Ms. Hülya Erdoğan and her volunteers all joined in the distribution of donation boxes.

Ambassador also interacted with the group, who shared their horrific experiences, and how they are trying their best to be resilient. Further, some of the youth were interested in knowing about Sri Lanka.

Ambassador also had discussions with Ms. Erdoğan and her team, which comprised of a retired teacher and a journalist about their mandate, especially the work they are engaged in supporting the survivors of earthquake both physical and mental support such as organizing counselling and reaching out for funding and material support. Ambassador assured that she will try her best to support their efforts.

The Embassy staff and some of the Sri Lankan community contributed to make the Ramadan donation packs.

Ambassador thanked the Embassy staff and some of the Sri Lankan community who contributed and added that as the disaster occurred on the day that the formal reception of Sri Lanka’s 75th Anniversary of Independence was to take place, it was decided to add a especial gift, in commemoration of the same.

Embassy of Sri Lanka


6th April 2023