The Embassy organized a constructive “Interconnected Business Networking Session”  today (18/11/2020) in collaboration with the Turkish Economic Relations Board (DEIK), Sri Lanka Export Development Board, Board of Investment of Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau, Turkish Ministry of Trade & the Embassy of Turkey in Colombo.

During the session the Ambassador M. Rizvi Hassen while emphasizing the importance of diversifying the product sectors, requested Sri Lankan and Turkish entrepreneurs to look into the untapped sectors available in both countries in terms of trade, investment and also tourism.

Further, Ambassador Hassen stated that the interactive session in this nature will immensely important to increase the awareness and also generating connections.

Ambassador of Turkey to Sri Lanka Ms. Demet Şekercioglu, spoke during the session and encouraged Sri Lankan and Turkish companies to increase the business links between both countries.

Speaking during the session the Chairman of Sri Lanka Export Development Board Mr. Prabhash Subasinghe, Mr. Nail Olpak, President of Foreign Economic Relations Board (DEIK) invited Sri Lankan and Turkish potential business community to explore more potential and contribute for enhancing bilateral trade. President of Turkey – Sri Lanka Business Council, Mr. Beşir Ugur moderated session.

The presentations on Sri Lanka’s trade relations, investment opportunities & tourism perspective were made by the Sri Lanka Export Development Board, Board of Investment of Sri Lanka & Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau respectively. The Turkish perspective on trade and Investment was shared by the Turkish Ministry of Trade. Following the information sharing discussion a business matchmaking session also was arranged for 85 Sri Lankan and Turkish participants representing different sectors.