Meeting with Governor of Bursa, H.E Mr. Mahmut Demirtaş and Ambassador of Sri Lanka in Türkiye


Meeting was held with the Governor of Bursa, H. E. Mr. Mahmut Demirtaş. Honorary Consul of Sri Lanka for Bursa, Mr. Ahmet Yildiz also joined the meeting.


Ambassador discussed, among others, on potential areas for collaboration in trade, investment and tourism sectors between Sri Lanka and Bursa, Türkiye.


The Governor noted that Bursa is one of Türkiye’s most developed cities in economic terms, is also important with its natural and historical riches. Bursa was the first capital of the Ottoman Empire. In term of population, Bursa is the 4 th largest city in Türkiye.


Bursa is one of the most important industrial cities of

Türkiye and the largest automotive production centre. Türkiye’s first organized industrial zone was established in 1961. Bursa is well known for its automotive, textile, machinery and food industries. It is said that the first towel production in history took place in Bursa. Türkiye’s first olive oil laboratory was also established in Bursa.


During the meeting, Ambassador elaborated potential in Sri Lanka in areas such as tourism, apparel & textile, IT services, rubber-based products, coconut based products and other agricultural products. She added that Sri Lanka has highly trained human resources, natural resources.