Ambassador M. Rizvi Hassen during a courtesy call on Mr. Hamdi Turşucu, Director General of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism General Directorate of Libraries, Publications and National Library of Turkey handed over quality publications on history and culture of Sri Lanka on 25th September 2020.

The Mission in line with the project initiated to enhance Sri Lanka’s image especially social, cultural, Buddhism and history of Sri Lanka in Turkey extends the friendly gesture to the National Library of Ankara and Public Libraries governed by the General Directorate of Libraries and Publication of Turkey. On the request of the Mission, Mr. Sonala Gunawardana, Chairman of the National Library & Documentation Services Board of the Ministry of Education provided quality publication viz Mahawamsa - the great chronicle of Ceylon - Dhammapada (published by the Buddhist Cultural Centre), The Prehistory of Sri Lanka - an Ecological Perspectives and many other publications on Sri Lanka’s cultural and history donated to the National Library of Turkey. 

During the discussion Mr. Hamdi Turşucu, indicated that the General Directorate will establish an enclave for publication on Sri Lanka and published by the Sri Lankan  authors and publishers in the National Library of Ankara.

The Ambassador and the Director General also discussed ways and means to further enhance cooperation between the General Directorate of Libraries and Publications and National Library and Documentation Services Board of Sri Lanka.