Sri Lanka was represented for the first time this year (2015), at the Annual Charity Bazar (DMEDD Bazar) organised by the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs Spouses’ Solidarity Association at “ CER Modern” Museum and Exhibition Centre in Ankara. DMEDD Bazar has become a premier event in Ankara “social calendar” with over 100 stalls representing different countries.

This year, Sri Lankan stall was a main attraction at the bazar and due to the high demand received; Sri Lankan stall became the first stall to finish up way ahead of the closing time.  The focus was on “Ceylon Tea” and promotion of Sri Lanka as a tourist destination.  Cinnamon and Sri Lankan delicacies were also sold out as hot-cakes. 

As English is not a widely spoken language in Turkey, the Embassy arranged to translate and print tourist literature in Turkish which was distributed among the visitors to the bazar.

All proceeds from the Charity Bazar are donated to a school for disabledchildren.