On the invitation of State Theatres Directorate General of Turkey, Sri Lanka Inter Act Art Theatre Institute staged their stage play (monodrama), “Love & Lockdown” at 23rd Sabancı Adana International Theatre Festival 2022 on 19th and 20th April. For the first time, a Sri Lankan drama group was invited to represent at the Sabancı Adana International Theater Festival and first Sri Lankan stage play showcased in Turkey.

Ambassador Rizvi Hassen was among the audience on the inaugural performance of the stage play (monodrama) on 19th April with Mr.  Emrah Keskin, Director of State Theater of Adana and the members of the organizing committee. Mr. Emrah Keskin, Director of State Theater of Adana and organizing committee highly appreciated the performance of the solo artist and the team of the monodrama which was directed by Mr. M. Safeer and written by Prasad Wickramaratne. Versatile actress Subuddhi Lakmali’s solo performance mesmerized the Turkish audience.

Ambassador and the Sri Lankan drama team thanked the State Theatre Directorate General of Turkey’ sponsors and organizers for the invitation extended to Sri Lanka and the Turkish hospitality given to the group.

 The stage play Love and Lockdown themed on love and solitude theatrically explains inseparable link between love, loneliness, separation from dear ones, pleasure and pain. Love and Lockdown was produced in December, 2021 and this is the first international play by the Inter Act Art Theatre Institute.



20 April 2022

Embassy of Sri Lanka