The Global Ceylon Tea Party – Ankara Chapter was held on Thursday the 6th July 2017 at the Official Residence of the Ambassador.

It was part of the unique 24 hour global tea party held at 5.00PM  in every time zone from east to west across the world  where Sri Lanka’s tea industry, under the world renowned brand “Ceylon Tea,” celebrated  150 years of its history.

The theme of the event was focused on promoting seven different regional teas of Sri Lanka and providing an opportunity for the participants to experience the subtle as well as prominent differences of the teas grown in each specific region.

In addition to the brewed black tea representing these seven different tea growing regions, a tea punch, two varieties of ice teas - mint and lemon-, were also served at the party.

The 10 different varieties of hors d’oeuvres served - each infused with a specific Ceylon Tea variety - were found by the guests an exciting novelty.

The participants were happy to taste ginger and earl grey biscuits manufactured by Maliban Biscuit Manufactories Ltd: especially for the occasion, along with two varieties of homemade biscuits flavoured with Dimbula and Nuwara Eliya regional teas.

The Global Ceylon Tea Party - Ankara Chapter was inaugurated by His Excellency Dr. İSMET YILMAZ, the Minister of National Education of Turkey. 

In his welcome speech, H.E. the Ambassador emphasising on the love for Ceylon Tea in Turkey - the number one tea consumer in the world - based on the statistics which proves that 90% of Tea imports to Turkey are from Sri Lanka, explained that there is an ample room for collaboration in the tea-sectors of Sri Lanka and Turkey to achieve a win-win situation. He further detailed that deliberations on the same has already commenced.  

His Excellency Dr. İSMET YILMAZ, the Minister of National Education of Turkey praised Sri Lanka for achieving its unique brand name based on qualitative assurances. Endorsing the love for Sri Lankan tea among Turkish people he assured that Turkey is looking forward to explore avenues for collaboration which will enhance the relations between the two countries.

The event which was attended by around 150 participants included many prominent Turkish politicians, members of the diplomatic community, Turkish government officials, stake-holders of Turkish Tea Industry, members of the business community, media, representatives of prominent think tanks and well –wishers.